Negative and dangerous phenomena of a natural and technogenic origin according to satellite remote sensing


Since 1987 satellite researches of the phenomena and processes in northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, in the Far Eastern Seas and in atmosphere over these water areas are carried out mainly on the basis of data of radio physical remote sensing, both active, and passive (radiometric). It is caused by possibility of studying of the ocean irrespective of overcast and time of day with simultaneous obtaining quantitative information on fields of parameters of the atmosphere. Regular data acquisition is provided with successful functioning of radio physical devices on foreign satellites DMSP, NOAA, QuikSCAT, TRMM, Aqua, Topex-Poseidon, Jason, OSTM (USA), ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat (The European space agency - ESA), ADEOS-II and ALOS (Japan) and some others. Data of radio physical sounding have the defining value for almost all-weather detection and an assessment of intensity of dangerous and especially dangerous phenomena and processes on the water area of the World Ocean that forms a basis for their authentic forecast and the effective prevention.

Processing and analysis of these satellite radio physical measurements are carried out in Laboratory of satellite oceanology, POI FEB RAS. Data acquisition from research satellites of new generation is provided with agreements and projects with Japanese space research agency JAXA and with the European space agency ESA. Since 1996 under agreements with JAXA POI conducts development algorithms of ocean-atmosphere parameters restoration on measurements of microwave AMSR radiometers (ADEOS-II satellite) and AMSR-E (Aqua satellite) and uses data of sounding for studying of sea weather systems, in particular tropical cyclones, intensive mesolarge-scale convective whirlwinds and cold invasions. Since 2007 works on two more agreements on the analysis of the images of the ocean received by polarizing RLS with synthesized aperture (PCA) PALSAR (ALOS satellite) are begun. Within four projects with ESA processes at ocean and atmosphere in northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean and in the Far Eastern Seas by means of RSA established on ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat satellites that allows to restore, in particular, a field of a driving wind with the spatial resolution of 1 km x 1 km are investigated.


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