Oceanography and Marine Environment
of the Far Eastern Region of Russia

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I. Rostov
690041. Russia, 43, Baltiyskaya Street, Vladivostok
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The laboratory provides the development of technologies for collection, accumulation, processing and long-time storage of data on the ocean environment for maintenance of the studies carried out by the POI. It creates and enlarges the problem-oriented oceanographic data bases. It develops system models for the monitoring and forecasting the variability of the main physical fields and the state of marine ecosystems, these models are based on using the data obtained by the contact and remote observation methods. The laboratory carries out numerical experiments on studying water circulation and synoptical variability of its parameters.

It has been created a multiple-discipline system for the data receiving, storage, analysis, and making various kinds of information on oceanography and sea environment in the region be available for the users; this system is a new national segment of the information resources . It is established a platform for the telecommunication access of the users from scientific, industrial, educational organizations and administrative bodies to the initial information and production on the problems of studying and development of the Northern Pacific and Far Eastern seas for the maintenance of research and other kinds of sea activity. As a result of researches, essentially new versions of the information products, systems of representation and distribution of oceanological information are created; they have found wide practical application at the POI FEB RAS, in the country and abroad.

As far as it is concerned the completeness of the data sets, their organization and the possibility of the operative access to the data, at present, these developments have no analogues in the Far Eastern Region of Russia.

On the basis of the compiled data it is given a qualitative evaluation of the observation data distribution according to the years , as well as of the extent of the areas being studied, various variants of the software for the data access systems, the data processing and graphic representation. Studies on the control and editing of data sets in the course of carrying out studies for separate areas are performed. Copies of the formed data sets, provided by the POI research cruises, are regularly passed to the NODC/WDC-B for oceanography, and via it - to the system of the international data exchange. It has been started attaching the developed DBs to the communication channels of the joint system of information on the World Ocean environment ( ESIMO) being developed in Russia. At present, the DBs are being developed with regard to the increase in the volumes of the stored information, as well as to the enlargement of the list of observation types.

The theoretical basis for the complex monitoring of the marine water-areas state has been developed. The adaptive-learning system models have been created and tested for describing the evolution of thermodynamic structures and regional ecosystems with the consideration of natural changes at various anthropogenic load.

The numerical experiments have been performed on investigating the seasonal variability of the integral circulation of the waters in the Japan/East Sea, Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea, considering the real fields of the atmospheric pressure, corresponding to various types of the atmospheric processes, predominating for each month. It has been precised the existing notions on the peculiarities of the dynamic structure of waters in the region for various spatial-temporal scales, as well as on characteristics of the sea water exchange with the adjacent areas.