Тихоокеанский океанологический институт им. В.И. Ильичева Российская академия наук
Дальневосточное отделение
Тихоокеанский океанологический институт им. В.И. Ильичева
Океанография и состояние морской среды дальневосточного региона России
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I. Rostov
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• Hydrographic observations (national and foreign) in the Northern Pacific

• Archival data of POI cruises

• Hydrographic observations (national and foreign) in the Bering Sea, Okhotsk Sea and Japan/East Sea

• Archival hydrographic data and delayed mode data on NEAR-GOOS area

• Data Set of Repeated Oceanographic Surveys (Republic of Korea)

• Hydrographic observations of research vessels of People’s Republic of China in the Western Pacific .

• Archival hydrographic observations data received from JODC, Japan

• Archival observations of ocean currents (moored buoys)

• Hydrographic observations in the South-China Sea

• Sea ice data archive for Far Eastern Seas

• Archival data of satellite remote sensing observations

• Atmosphere circulation types generalized data

• Wind waves and swell generalized data archive

• Marine petrogeochemical data

• Data and data production on CD-ROM (collection of CDs)

• Biogeochemical data on pollutants in sediments of the Peter the Great Bay, Japan/East Sea

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