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DVD (Vol. 11): Complex information system Natural ecosystems exploitation, state and tendencies of changing of marine environment of coastal areas of Russia in the Japan/East Sea

Coastal water is the interzone where the economic and nature-conservative activities are contiguous as in the sphere of the national jurisdiction as well beyond one. Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) or Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) is a challenging process, defined by stakeholder engagement and underpinned by knowledge on the integrated behaviour of coastal systems. And last research effort in POI is oriented on the supporting of coast studies and coastal area management. It is one of the goals of the special Russian project on development of the Unified State System for the oceanographic information collection, storage, processing and delivery (ESIMO - http://esimo.ru/). The regional institutes (POI, FERHRI and TINRO-Centre, Vladivostok) carry out their own activities for development of independent regional segments of ESIMO and departmental DBs for the Far Eastern Region of Russia. So it is presented current works of POI on the ESIMO Natural ecosystems exploitation, state and tendencies of marine environment changing in coastal areas of Russia in the Japan/East Sea http://pacificinfo.ru/data/cdrom/11/. The System provides quick access to raw and gridded data and specially selected information which stored on CD-ROMs and reachable in the on-line mode. Implementation of the project provides access to results of complex studies of the processes, characteristics and resources of the Russian Far Eastern Seas, dynamics of the ecosystems, control for the coastal zones condition for the rational nature management, etc.